SMPCC is a Spanish system of accreditation for activities related to Continuous Medical Education (CME), Continuous Professional Development (CPD), as well as the processes and structures useful for the professional activity of physicians. SACCME is owned by four members with the same level of representation; the General Council of Official Colleges of Doctors (CGCOM), the Federation of Spanish Medical Scientific Associations (FACME), the National Conference of Medical School Deans and the National Council of Specialities in Health Sciences.

By providing accreditation for various activities or processes with the objective of optimizing their benefit to the professional activities of Spanish doctors, SMPCC assigns a proven value to such learning activities, processes or useful structures. SEAFORMEC is integrated into the accreditation system of the Union Européenne Médecins Specialists (UEMS) by the European Accreditation Council for CME (EACCME).